Dog Sled Tours

We have been turning this blog into a Dog Sled Tour blog with our recent posts so sorry if you are not a dog fan! We are just excited about new dog sled tours and want to let you know about them!

We are pleased to announce that Dog Sled Tours are now available in the following ski resorts:

Banff Dog Sled Tours

Lake Louise Dog Sled Tours

Jasper Dog Sled Tours

Panorama Dog Sled Tours

Whistler Dog Sled Tours

Canmore Dog Sled Tours

If you do not want to pay booking fees, and want a one stop dog sled stop for your Ski Holiday package, then contact rocky-peak Ski Holidays.

One thought on “Dog Sled Tours”

  1. Thank you for the information Canadian Specialist! This blog has been invaluable for us – a family of 4, as we want to do other activities besides skiing while we are on our ski vacation. One thing to note too is that Rocky Peak Holidays also offers us discounts each year on our tours when we book our ski package through them – this has saved us $$$!!!

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