Famous People and Celebrities Onboard The Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer train is one of the most famous and spectacular train journeys in the world and as a result attracts famous people and celebrities. Below is a list of famous people and celebrities who have been on this spectacular rail journey (that we know of!).

When you go on a Rocky Mountaineer Holiday – you never know who you may see!

  • Peter Jennings, ABC News Anchor
  • Sam Sullivan, Former Mayor of Vancouver
  • Kevin Falcon, Minister of Transportation
  • Stephane Dion, Former Leader of the Liberal Party
  • Joe Clark, Former Prime Minister of Canada
  • John Reynolds, MP/MLA and Speaker of the House of Commons
  • Chaim Herzog, Former Israeli President
  • Molly Sugdeon, TV Actor – played the role of Mrs. Slocum on the British comedy “Are you being served?”
  • Carroll Spinney, TV Actor – played the role of Big Bird on “Sesame Street”
  • The great-great-grandson of Simon Fraser – he proposed to his fiancée on the Fraser River between Lytton and Vancouver on the westbound leg of the journey in the dome car
  • The great-great-granddaughter of Billy Barker (Onboard in 2008)
  • Andrew Jergens, Inheritance magnate of Jergen Soap Products – one of the family members with him is the inventor of Crocs (shoes)
  • Dal Richards, Musician, Dal Richards Orchesta (Vancouver)
  • Carlo Rota, TV Actor, host of “Great Canadian Cooking Show” and now starring on “Little Mosque on the Prairie”
  • Charlotte Gray, Host of CBC’s “The Greatest Canadian”
  • Morgan Freeman, Film Actor
  • Ken Dodd, British Comedian – he resembles a real life Austin Powers.
  • Dr. Heimlich, Inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver
  • Thaksin Shinawata, Former Prime Minister of Thailand (Onboard in 2003)
  • Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft – he bought out an entire RM GLS dome coach for him and his family and asked to stop the train for a photoutside. This was allowed for him, of course. (Onboard in 2003)
  • Patrick Stewart, TV Actor – Jean Luc Picard, “Star Trek Next Generation” (Onboard in 2006)
  • Hans Blix, Swedish Diplomat – served as the United Nations Chief Weapons Inspector (he was the one who told George Bush there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, although Bush invaded anyway). (Onboard in 2006)
  • Anna Faris, Film/TV Actress – Scary Movie, Entourage, The House Bunny, etc. With a group of friends onboard RM winter train. (Onboard in 2007)
  • John Bishop, Chef of Bishops Restaurant in Vancouver, BC

The Whistler Mountaineer

  • Rajan Datar, Host of BBC TV “Fast Tracks” – he is a very well known British Television personality with program aired internationally. (Onboard in 2006)
  • Alan Thicke, TV/Film Actor, “Growing Pains”. (Onboard in 2007)
  • John Curly, Host of “Evening Magazine” (Seattle). (Onboard in 2007)
  • Johanna Ward, Host of Shaw Cable’s “The Express”. (Onboard in 2007)
  • Michael Eckford and Fiona Forbes, Hosts of Shaw Cable’s “Urban Rush” (Onboard in 2007)

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  1. Ahhhh – yes, how could I forget the "Rocky Mountain Romance" episode when Jillian Harris, ABC’s The Bachelorette, and the bachelors were told to pack their bags and board the Rocky Mountaineer train back in 2009. The details on this episode can be found HERE. Let me know if there are anymore famous people or celebrities not listed here who have enjoyed the Rocky Mountaineer.

  2. Olympic Gold Medalists: Maelle Ricker, Seth Wescott and Katarina Witt were on the train during the Olympics!

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