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Prevent conflicts with wildlife

They may sometimes appear unconcerned by our presence, but all park animals are unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

Keep your distance from wildlife

Always keep your distance.

Do not approach or entice wildlife. Use binoculars or a telephoto lens instead.

Remain at least:

– 100 metres (10 bus lengths) away from BEARS, COUGARS and WOLVES

– 30 metres (3 bus lengths) away from ELK, DEER, SHEEP, GOATS and MOOSE

Never leave food attractants out for wildlife.

Food attractants include:

– coolers (they are NOT bearproof!)

– food scraps or leftovers

– dishwater

– dirty dishes, pots or barbecues

– empty bottles, cans or wrappers

– toothpaste, soap or other toiletries

– pets

– pet food dishes (full or empty)

Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Because it is impossible to predict how wildlife will react in any situation, avoiding encounters is the only sure way to keep people safe and wildlife wild.

– Always be on the lookout for animals or signs of their presence.

– Carefully supervise children whenever outdoors.

Source: Parks Canada

Canmore to Lake Louise Trail Approved

Exciting news for locals and visitors!!

Outdoor enthusiasts will soon have a stunning nature trail to explore in Alberta that runs from Canmore to Lake Louise.

The federal government announced Tuesday [May 19] that $6.75 million will be spent on building a new paved path through Banff National Park for hikers, cyclists and in-line skaters.

The Legacy Trail will run 26 kilometres from Canmore to the Bow Valley Parkway just west of the Banff town site, along the Trans-Canada Highway between the road and wildlife fence. The path will then join up with Highway 1A to Lake Louise.

Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice, who was at the Banff announcement, called the trail an environmentally friendly way to link the mountain towns.

The trail still needs to pass an environmental assessment, but work could begin this summer and finish in time for Banff’s125th anniversary in the fall of 2010.

People who live in area say they’re pleased the project that’s been in works for years is going ahead. Local groups hope it will bring more tourists to the region.